Bangkok House, 3 Two Square

Cold weather permits hot & spicy food. Slurp.

The interior of Bangkok House is very different from other Thai restaurants – instead of incandescent lighting, they brightened the place with white lights, ceiling & walls.

Fried Chicken with Lemongrass, RM 15

Goes very well with the sweet & sour chilli sauce.

Tom Yam Seafood Soup, RM 18

I loved this! It’s not too spicy, not too sour – just perfect! Not surprised why this is one of their signature dishes.

Fried eggs with minced chicken, onions & chillies, RM 15

This dish sounded unique at first until it came with 3 Sunny Side up eggs.

The other dish without a photo was the kailan in oyster sauce (RM 8). I did try their lod-chong (RM 5), Thai version of cendol and it tastes like any other cendol you can find in Thai restaurants.

White rice: RM 2.50 per bowl
Chinese tea in pot: RM 5.50

All dishes above are in small portions; you can choose portions in medium or large as well. They do have individual dishes & they’re currently having a set lunch promotion starting from RM 9.90.

I’ll definitely return here to try other dishes. Like Pad Thai. Mmmm.

Bangkok House (opposite UMW Toyota Service Centre)
Lot C-13-1, 3 Two Square
Jalan 19/1
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +603-79549872


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