Pepper Lunch, Sunway Pyramid

I never fancy a teppanyaki place because I am afraid of smelling like teppanyaki myself after dining.

However, I was curious with Pepper Lunch & considering there was no one in the restaurant yet, I guess the after-dining stench won’t be that bad.

I was greeted by the supervisor of the restaurant, Nurain & she was very friendly. She recommended a few best-selling meals and suggested that I take their promo set (meal + drink/soup) and so, I chose the Beef Pepper Rice. I didn’t have any small change and asked if they would accept RM 100 note and she said sure. Awesome – I know other places would’ve given me a sour look if I didn’t have small notes to pay a meal that costed less than RM 15.

You’ll be given a table number so you can’t actually choose where you want to sit. I had no issues with that considering I had the whole place by myself.

Beef Pepper Rice, RM 12.80

After 5 minutes, my teppanyaki arrived! Norain served me and gave me these instructions:

1) Spread the (hidden) butter evenly
2) Mix well to cook
3) Add sauce and stir

You can choose either garlic soya sauce or honey brown sauce. I chose the latter. Salt & pepper were readily available too.

What can I saw about this meal? Very satisfying. I particularly liked the part that my rice did not get burnt at all.

Pepper Lunch has a set of variety in their menu ranging from beef, to chicken, to unagi & even carbonara! They are currently having a Pepper Rice Fever promotion on their selected dishes in which you get a meal with a drink or soup starting from RM 12.80 (normal price for Beef Pepper Rice is RM 15.80). This place has no GST and/or service charge.

Will try their Beef Pepper Steak next time!

Pepper Lunch
F1.05, Level 1
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall


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