Vivo, Times Square

I was craving for pizza and the first restaurant we saw was Vivo.

Ambiance is different from your ordinary pizza outlets as they used minimal incandescent lighting. I purposely chose a spot where the light shone on the table ;)

The menu came with a variety of choices that included pasta, chicken wings and dessert. The smallest pizza size was 7″ (RM 11.90) which had 4 slices.

The drinks arrived 20 minutes after our order. My partner ordered tea latte (RM 5.80) which tasted like teh tarik – I honestly do not think that was worth 20 minutes of wait. That wasn’t a good start for our first dining experience in Vivo.

Our pizzas arrived in the next 10 minutes.

Meaty Monster – this was good

Sambal Seafood – no sambal taste & it tasted more like tuna pizza instead

We weren’t satisfied with our meals and proceeded to have dessert elsewhere after that. I doubt we’ll be coming back here because I can get more affordable & better tasting pizzas at other restaurants.

Vivo Times Square
Store #009/01
LG 68 Lower Ground Floor
Berjaya Times Square.


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