Royal Thai, Tropicana City Mall

Update: Royal Thai has closed down

Mr. T loves Thai food. I believe he’ll make a good tom yam critic ;)

Pineapple Fried Rice, RM 15.90

This was so-so. Nothing really special but I was glad it didn’t have a very strong pineapple taste.

Tom Yam with Prawns, RM 15.90

According to the guy, he said this was mediocre, nothing great. Well, it’s good enough for me!

Yam Hua Banana Salad, RM 8.90

We were curious how banana flower tasted like so we ordered this. I think this was the best dish we had that night. It’s so crunchy – me like!

Pad Thai, RM 15.90

I love Pad Thai but this one didn’t surpass my expectation. The taste was bland. Maybe I should’ve asked for more lime.

Royal Thai is owned by the same company that started out San Francisco Steakhouse & Santini. All 3 of these restaurants are located on the same floor (G level) at Tropicana City Mall.


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