Newman’s Microwave Popcorn

Making your own popcorn is fun! The last time I made my own popcorn was in uni & I sneaked a container of it into the cinema ;) It wasn’t caramelized like what you can get here at the cinemas but I sprinkled icing sugar over it and it tasted yummy too!

I came across Newman’s Microwave Popcorn (RM 11.99 for 3 bags) while doing my grocery shopping in Cold Storage and thought it’ll be great fun to have microwaved popcorn. Best part was, no (pot) washing was necessary because this came in a microwavable bag.

There wasn’t a set on instructions on how long you’re supposed to leave this in the microwave but it suggested that you follow your microwave oven’s popcorn-making recommendation. I left mine on High mode for 5 minutes. By the second minute, I started hearing all the corns popping in the bag & hence, expanding it largely.

The popcorn had light butter and it tasted a little salty – good enough for my tastebuds. I’ll be bringing this to the office tomorrow as my snack!


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