Pancake House International, Sunway Pyramid

Note: Pancake House International at Sunway Pyramid has closed down

Mr. T & I always love to have dessert after our meals. We came across Pancake House International after we spent some time walking around the mall looking for a dessert place.

Honestly, I was quite disappointed when I browsed through their dessert pages in the menu. There were limited choices & I didn’t find anything appealing to me. We chose to have pancakes & banana split since none of their pancakes came with ice cream. You can, however, opt for a scoop of ice cream for your pancakes for RM 3.

Banana Walnut Pancake, RM 10.50 for 2 slices

The pancakes were really soft but not much to my liking. The maple syrup & walnut bits complemented the pancakes very well.

Jumbo Banana Split, RM 10.50

I really liked the whipped cream that they used. It was so thick – almost like ice cream! However, the banana split was ordinary & I’m certain you can get the same quality elsewhere for the same or at a lower price.

For the price we paid, I think I’ll stick to making my own pancakes if I crave for them next time :)

Pancake House International
LG 126 Sunway Pyramid


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