Yoichi, Bandar Puteri

A colleague eagerly wanted to introduce a Japanese restaurant which she claimed was really good so we decided to travel to Bandar Puteri, Puchong to check it out.

Yoichi was a small restaurant that occupied 2 floors and was fully occupied with Japanese customers. I guess we were the only Chinese ones there.

The place was decorated with fishing baits and photos from fishing trips of the chief chef (also, owner) & his friends. There were also photo albums of the fishing trips you can view – they were really into fishing!

We waited for quite some time (approx. 20-40 minutes) for our food to arrive as they had to serve the guests who came before us.

This was part of the dinner set which I ordered. It came with udon, salad & salmon sashimi (or you can opt for unagi kabayaki). The soup was very clear & tasty! It was the best soup I’ve tasted and I finished the whole bowl within 10 minutes. The salmon was fresh too.

After about 15 minutes finishing the first set I had, the main dish arrived. The chicken namban & miso were really, really good. I cannot stress how much I enjoyed eating from the beginning ’till the end.

Nothing is complete without chawanmushi! This came after I finished the 2 sets above and it was unique – instead of the thick chawanmushi that I always had in other restaurants, its density was really light and according to my colleague, this was the original chawanmushi.

You can imagine the amount of food I had but guess how much was it? RM 19.80 for the whole set. Affordable, isn’t it? :)

As an apology for their slow service, the lady owner gave us 8 complimentary scoops of ice cream. That worked well & we were really satisfied in the end.

See below for a price list of the various dishes they have! This place is non-halal.

No. 21 & 21-1, Jalan Puteri, 2/3,
Bandar Puteri, 47100,
Tel/Fax: 03-80635112


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