Sanbanto, SS2

Brought the family for a porky feast at Sanbato after hearing good stuff about their food. It’s a small restaurant located at the same row as KTZ, Maybank & 甜品哥哥 (Tian Pin Ge Ge).

Braised short ribs, RM 12

This was the first meal which arrived and shared among all of us. According to the food critic (F.C. from now onwards), the succulent meat was soft and filled with aromatic herbs and spices. I thought it tasted like any other braised pork :P

Pork belly salad, RM 13

This was my meal. I found the fried pork belly too hard to chew .. I didn’t enjoy this salad despite the generous amount of fried pork served.

BBQ pork ribs, RM 38

I had high expectations on the ribs mainly because of the numerous good reviews about it. After one bite, I thought this was … okay. F.C. thought it was so-so too.

Pork chop, RM 28 (?)

The pork chop was too dry, hence the apple sauce was provided to give it an extra kick. However, I found the sauce too sweet for my liking. The person who had this meal was satisfied though, which was good :)

Overall, I found this place not too bad, but not as great as everyone mentioned. There are probably other great food items on the menu which I missed so I guess I’ll be returning here again with a different crowd (who enjoy pastas and burgers!). Plus, the prices are reasonable too. Great place for pork lovers but be wary of what you pick!

32, Jalan SS2/63
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7876 1728


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