New York New York, One Utama

Dessert after meal is a must!

…But not when it takes 30 minutes for a banana split to arrive.

Old-fashioned Banana Split, RM 11.90

The reason why the banana split took forever to come was because they had to deep fry the banana. I’ve never eaten banana split with deep fried bananas before so this was new to me but not a very good excuse for serving it 30 minutes late! F.C. was pretty grumpy about it.

Mudpie with ice cream, RM 11.90

However, they are forgiven because the chocolate sauce surrounding the mudpie was awesome! I didn’t picture mudpie to be a tart but it was so yummy. I definitely preferred this over the fried banana split.

The mains at New York new York look delicious – perhaps I’ll make another trip and hopefully I do not have to wait long for my meal.

New York New York,
LG 311, 1 Utama.


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