Laka Leke Restaurant, Ubud

After our dinner at Naughty Nuri’s, we decided to explore nearby restaurants around our hotel area. We stumbled upon Laka Leke Restaurant (that also catered for the hotel we stayed) and decided to have a quick supper.

Hot Chocolate, IDR 12,500 (~RM 4.50)

The hot chocolate was tastefully rich. Too bad it came in a small cup. See the plate of peanuts behind the drink? They’re very addictive and if you manage to find them in Bali, do bring them home with you!

Fresh fruit salad, IDR 15,000 (~RM 5.20)

Since we had too much meat without any vegetables, we decided to have some fruits for better digestion. There’s nothing special about this bowl of salad – actually I think the term “salad” was misused here because it was a bowl of fruits.

My friend tried their carrot orange soup (yes, soup!) & it was actually not bad. I never pictured how my 2 of my favourite combination of fruit juice tasted like in boiled soup but .. really, it’s worth a try for a different taste!

Laka Leke Restaurant
Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, Bali 80571 – Indonesia
Phn./Fax : +62 361 977565


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