Departure Lounge, Damansara Uptown

One day, a friend tweeted a picture of her brekkie that interest me because I love Western-style breakfast that has toast, sausages, eggs & lots of ham! Curious, I asked her where it was and she immediately recommended me to try Departure Lounge at DU. I forgot about it for a few months until this noon when Mr. T & I were looking for a place to have brunch.

We weren’t familiar with how the restaurant worked and missed the sign which said, “Self-service”. There was a menu on our table which Mr. T was confused & annoyed (“All-day breakfast only?”) at so he let me do the honour of ordering food for him.

DIMY for Mr. T

It’s pretty easy:

1) Look through their choices in the menu, or you can look at their board next to the counter
2) If you want DIMY, follow instructions as above. If you want other choices, like sandwiches or pasta, remember the order
3) Proceed to counter to order and pay for your food
4) Wait at the end of the counter to collect your drinks
5) Grab your order number and wait for your food

Mint Mocha was funky!

All-Day Brekkie

In the (crunchy) croissant, there were sausages, ham, cheese, sliced tomatoes, and lettuce. The fried egg was exactly how I like it – the egg yolk was not too dry and runny :)

7-items DIMW

Mr. T’s filling platter. For RM 13.90, he thought it was worth it. *phew*

Did we like it? Well .. kind of but will we return? It’s a yes for me because I’m interested in their sandwiches but not for Mr. T because he couldn’t believe we spent > RM 40 for breakfast food that we can prepare ourselves at home :/

I thought the OJ was overpriced (so were their other drinks!). Perhaps I shall stick to free refillable water next time?

Departure Lounge
10, Jalan SS21/39
Damansara Utama 47400 PJ
Tel: +603-77251682


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