Not wearing their gloves @ Pastis Cafe, The Gardens

Pastis Cafe offers 30% off for all their cakes after 6 PM. I thought it was a good offer so I decided to take their carrot cake & moist chocolate cake. After the waiter prepared my cake box, he used his bare hands to grab the carrot cake from the fridge display and placed it into the cake box.

I was shocked.

I questioned him about using his bare hands and he did it the second time again by grabbing and waving the cake in front of me saying, “It’s ok, there’s a piece of plastic wrapped around it.” His fingers also touched the cream on top of the cake.


I repeated myself for the second time that he was using his bare hands and I could not accept that. He got frustrated at me, dumped the cake back into the fridge and this time, used disposable gloves to pack my cakes.

Now I know why my friends do not favour Pastis. Needless to say, I will not return to this cafe again!


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