Fly Cafe, Ubud

Fly Cafe is a recommended expat place for great food, alcohol and company. Majority of the crowd here are retirees and the cafe becomes packed from 8 pm onwards.

It was a decision between Bebek Bengil & Fly Cafe but after reading many not so good reviews about the former, we decided to go for a fusion dining experience before we leave Ubud for Kuta the next day.

Ikan bakar, IDR 55,000 (~RM 19)

I ordered the sambal ikan bakar, thinking it could be more spicier and tastier with a nice blend of herbs but to my disappointment, there was no sambal taste and it was sweet. However, they do have a special cili padi sauce (cili padi + sweet soy sauce) that went pretty well with it. The green vegetable next to the pyramid-shaped rice were long beans fried with an unknown sauce and cili padi.

By the way, the cili padi in Bali was so much spicier than our local one. Mr. T would’ve loved it ;)

Key lime pie, IDR 25,000 (~RM 8.65)

The recommended dessert was the highlight of the night. It was neither too sour nor sweet and the texture was smooth. We really enjoyed this together!

Tip: When you ask for plain water in Bali, you’ll instantly get bottled water instead of a free glass of filtered water.

Fly Cafe
Lungsiakan, Ubud, Bali
Tel: +62361975440


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