Babi Guling at a random stall, Ubud

The other warung on the Bali trip list was Ibu Oka Babi Guling but we didn’t go there because our tour guide persuaded us that the place was very packed with tourists, it was pricey because of the tourists and every other babi guling stall was the same as Ibu Oka. I asked him to bring us to whichever stall he preferred and he brought us to a random warung by the roadside.

The first thing we saw was a roasted pork’s head staring at us. We were quite dumbfounded, really. I think we were the only tourists who dined there as the locals stared at us in disbelief.

The tour guide ordered our meals since we didn’t know how to speak Balinese and we got the above. Crispy skin, intestines, other unidentified parts of the pork, delicate meat and extremely spicy veggies. One word – wow! This was something extraordinary. All of us liked it so much we ordered an extra basket of the skin.

I also found a new drink which I preferred more than Teh Botol – Fruit Tea. I think this was apple fruit tea. Refreshing!

I don’t remember how much was our meal but I doubt it went beyond IDR 20,000 (~RM 6.95) per person. The best part was, despite having our meal exposed to the polluted environment (vehicles passing by in front of us, road works, and muddy area next to the warung), our bowels did not get irritated :P


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