Meaty House, Taipan USJ

Celebrating Oktoberfest with colleagues means having a meaty meal somewhere far away from the office.

Do not ever order their vanilla shake! They didn’t know that their milk turned sour and served this sour vanilla shake to me. I changed it to a safer choice – Coke in a can.

While my colleagues ordered sausages, I ordered bacon streaks and changed my salad to Sauerkraut. Oh, the bacon was heavenly. I can’t judge the Sauerkraut though – I’m the sort of person who can take sour food but this was extremely sour. Is it supposed to be that way?

And of course, this was the meal we came for!

Super crispy pork knuckle! Good to share among 2 persons but we had 5 people who shared this. We couldn’t stop smacking our lips each time we took a bite!

Great place for reasonably priced non-halal dishes but service was kind of bad. Staff disappeared most of the time and always looked lost whenever we asked them for something.

Meaty House

No. 37-G Jalan USJ10/1D
UEP Subang Jaya.
Tel : 03-5633 5634


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