El Fresco Italian Kitchen, Empire Shopping Gallery

I know – I’ve been away for almost a month! Things are pretty hectic in December but I’m glad they’re slowing down due to the holiday season :)

Let’s continue on with the gastronomy!

A month ago, I visited El Fresco Italian Kitchen which is located in Jaya Grocer, Empire Shopping Gallery. You can buy the meat of your choice from their meat/seafood counters (halal only) and bring it to the kitchen for them to cook.

You can also choose your side (either spaghetti or vegetables) for RM 6. The cashier told me they don’t offer sauces at all so I was expecting a bland tasting Angus steak.

Well, they did put some black pepper and olive oil and it wasn’t so bad. There was a lack of taste and I really wanted some tomato sauce but fought against the idea because it’s not fish & chips! The vegetables were OK – although, I can’t believe I paid RM 6 for boiled vegetables.

Overall, it was a moderate dining experience. The service at the restaurant was disappointing – the waiter dumped my plate at the table, almost causing my drink to spill. The waiters failed to show their attentiveness and there was no hint of hospitality.

To conclude, I doubt I’ll have another meal here again. I’ll opt for more established restaurants that specialise in steaks & provide better customer service – no matter how much the price will be :)


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