Plan B, Bangsar Village

Plan B at BV2 is the probably latest hang out place for everyone (think: Delicious). It’s always packed but Mr. T & I were fortunate enough on one Saturday brunch time to get a table.

They have a variety on their menu ranging from Western to local dishes. I’m a fan of big breakfasts (McD’s included!) so I took their Plan B breakkie while Mr. T had the spaghetti marinara.

Their pasta sauce was made from scratch and we could taste the herbs – very nice.

For RM 22, I thought this was not worth it and it wasn’t as good as other joints that offer breakfasts. It came with a glass of orange juice and tea (or coffee). The scrambled eggs were tasteless but the sausage was good – I wished they gave 2 instead of 1!

BV2 has a lot of nice eateries & I’m exploring them one-by-one – you’ll see more posts of the BV2 restaurants soon!


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