Restoran Siew Yok!, Taman SEA

Mr. T brought me to a restaurant which specialised in pork, and only pork. He heard great stuff about Siew Yok! so I agreed to try it out to see what’s extraordinary about the place.

The interior was really, really dull but I’m okay with that because it was really clean. As you can see, it’s pretty quiet on a Sunday afternoon. I assume the crowd only comes in during dinner and lunch on weekdays.

Their signature dish was the roast pork & we picked “Melting Gold”.

RM 13.50 for a small plate

As their menu described it, the skin texture was “soft melting crispy”. Hmm no, I didn’t feel the soft, melting crispiness in my mouth but it was good. Not the best I’ve tasted but fair enough.

They “ran out” of BBQ pork belly (which is my favourite) so we tried their BBQ pork rib instead.

RM 9 per rib

Honestly, I don’t remember the taste of this dish! But my gut feeling tells me that if you stick to the roast pork, and perhaps, the BBQ pork belly, you’ll probably enjoy them more than the ribs! :P

RM 8.50 for a big portion of HK Kai Lan

We had the Signature Egg Noodle (RM 3 per bowl) over the shallot oil rice (RM 2.50 per plate). The noodles needed a lot of improvement in terms of taste.

Oh by the way, do take their chilli sauce. It was the highlight of Mr. T’s day :P

Overall, the food was alright, not mind-blowing in any way, but good enough to satisfy my taste buds.

Restoran Siew Yok! is non-halal.

Restoran Siew Yok!
25 (G/F) Jalan SS23/15,
Taman SEA,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +6019 2125 866


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