The Bee, Jaya One

The Bee needs no introduction as it’s been reviewed by many food bloggers. I was looking for a place for light lunch and chose to go to the first cafe I see upon stepping out of the elevator.

It was 4 PM (yes, very late lunch), empty, and had an unpleasant service: 1) The waiter served me someone’s latte when I ordered lemonade but insisted I did order the latte 2) Weary looking waiter who sighed while he waited for me to pick my sandwich.

No matter, I was here for a quick bite.

I ordered the club sandwich and imagined it to come in triangular-cut shaped sandwiches. I was quite puzzled when I saw this in front of me …

Another kind of club sandwich, maybe? Honestly, I didn’t like it because it was dry – the sandwich bread was scraping the insides of my mouth & the grilled chicken was tasteless.

However, the lemon cheesecake eased the whole situation – it was dense & not sour and the crumbs were not too hard. I would have another if I visit The Bee again.

The Bee
2A-G, Block K, Jaya One
No.72 Jalan Universiti, Section 13
46200 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +(603) 7960 2160


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