Dome Cafe, Pavillion

I was introduced to Dome Cafe when I was in college by friends who loved their Espreski. Back then, Dome was very pricey for a college student so I never returned after having one drink. Fast forward, I revisited Dome again for a quick breakfast at KLCC and had the best scones! I vowed to return again but not until 2 years later.

I knew they had a good selection of breakfasts and of course, I wanted to taste the Espreski drink again!

It turned out that I didn’t choose any of their breakfasts or their Espreski because I got my eyes fixed on their spaghetti and berry drink.

Bolognese pasta, RM 23

Huge serving, mediocre in taste.

Berry Bliss, RM 19.50

I’m a big fan of anything berry-related so the words “Berry Bliss” practically screamed at me. It contained raspberries, strawberries & blueberries blended with yoghurt.

Mr. T ordered the Big Breakfast but I wasn’t impressed.

For a breakfast platter that costed more than RM 25, I expected something better than a slice of toasted Gardenia bread. Mr. T had no complaints because he just needed to feed a hungry stomach :P

Since he likes coffee/sweet and/or iced drinks, I recommended the Honeycomb Goldrush (one of the Espreskis).

RM 18

Mr. T said it was the best ice blended coffee he has ever tasted.

Mmm, Choc A Block for the next round, perhaps?

Dome Cafe still remains the same place I stepped into many years ago and the prices are still on the high side. We spent more than RM 90 for brunch & I personally think with that amount, you can get tastier food elsewhere. I won’t be back for their meals but I’ll return for their drinks.

Dome Cafe,
Level 2, Pavillion KL.


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