Tak Fok Restaurant, Jaya One

Have you noticed that people are always waiting outside Tak Fok on weekends? Curiosity killed me so I decided to see what’s the hype all about by visiting it on a weekday.

First of all, I have to warn you that their staff do not speak English. Or understand it. The waitress who attended my table was from China and could only speak in Mandarin.

Second, their menu was a let-down. They replaced their old crab price (per kg) with a new price by placing a sticker but have “forgotten” (that was what the waitress said) to change the rest of the prices on the individually pictured crab dishes. So do not be alarmed if you thought your kam heong crab was supposed to be RM 24 per kg, but in real fact, it’s RM 28 per kg (look at the price at the top of the menu!).

Also, they don’t list down the price of a bowl of rice and there is no menu for drinks. You have to ask the waitress, but I had a hard time conversing because she didn’t seem to know what 米饭 (rice) was. /sweat/ To make it easier for you, I have listed down the prices at the bottom of this entry :D

Complimentary appetizer was yummy – it contained taufu, peanuts and I think there was some meat in it – all drenched in a familiar Chinese sauce.

Fried La La w/ Curry Powder, RM 15 / Sauteed Chinese Broccoli, RM 12

The fried la la looked promising but wasn’t flavourful, making it an okay dish. I felt that the price difference between the clams and vegetables was not justifiable.

Salted Egg Crab, RM 28 per kg

Wet, not crunchy and there was no salted egg taste. It was my first time having a wet salted egg crab dish and probably my last at this restaurant.

Tak Fok Restaurant – I still don’t get the hype. Did I order the wrong dishes?

Rice: RM 1.50 per bowl
A pot of Chinese tea: RM 1.50 per head

Tak Fok Restaurant (same row as Wendy’s),
No. 33-G, Block J Jaya One,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +603 79683446


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