Huck’s Cafe, Jalan Gasing

Huck’s Cafe is a home-based restaurant located in the middle of 3-storey houses of the newer Jalan Gasing area. I live near Huck’s but only found out about the place this year.

I brought a few friends, including Mr. T, to dine at Huck’s. I actually reserved a table 3 weeks beforehand, so you can imagine how quick tables are snapped up on weekends. At Huck’s, you are guaranteed to have fresh food so you are required to pick your soup and main 2-3 days before the actual dining date.

Daun Kodok Appetizer

The light & crunchy appetizer (we liked it!) made everyone wonder – what’s coming ahead of us?

Wild Mushroom Soup

Hearty warm soup that has beaten most of the mushroom soups I’ve tasted.

We ordered the lemon roasted chicken (for two) & lamb stew. I let Huck decide on the other meal and it turned out to be the baked fish top with cheese and oats (not pictured). The herb-infused roasted chicken was simply delicious. The lamb stew was amazing too, but I was already feeling stuffed after eating 1/3 of it. My friend who had the baked fish just said, “Mmm, good, good”.

Unlike the soup & main, dessert was chosen on the day itself. We picked all three that were on the menu that evening and ordered an extra creme brulee.

I really love chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream, more so if the brownie contains walnuts. Huck’s version contained bananas and it covered the chocolate taste, making it more of a banana cake. It’s still a great dessert but I prefer the conventional brownie that produces a rich chocolate flavour.

My friend loved the mud pie that contained a lot of nuts and she would recommend it anytime.

I only had one scoop of the creme brulee and I thought it was alright but one of them had a different opinion.

Dinner at Huck’s Cafe costs RM 88 per person. Apparently, the people whom I dined with do not intend to return but I think I will if there is a bigger group who wants to come along with me.

Huck’s Cafe,
26, Jalan 5/58,
Gasing Indah,
46000 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +603 77812781


3 thoughts on “Huck’s Cafe, Jalan Gasing

  1. Hi I just want to share my experience of dining in Huck’s cafe with all the food lovers out there.

    I booked 1 month in advance after looking at the overwhelming response from the ppl who visited the place.

    The price is now RM88nett per person. I brought my family members – 6 of them. The portion is superb small and you can’t top up. Seriously I think I have paid too much for these small portion of meals.

    The environment is so so, it’s just like dining at one of your friend’s house, nothing great. We didn’t enjoy the whole meal, imagine 6 of us only get to eat 3 main courses, which 1 of them is the Moroccon chicken and must be shared by 4 person! The food is nothing great, you can pay cheaper for such a meal at a better high class western restaurent out there.

    RM88 is inclusive of 1 starter – superb small bowl of soup, 1 small portion of main course, 1 small slice of dessert, and 2 drinks. If you are a small eater and very rich, or a superstar who doesn’t want to get disturbed by the paparazzi while dining, this is the place you should go.

    I am just sharing my honest opinion and hope the food lovers out there do expect what you will get in Huck’s Cafe, otherwise you will be end up disappointed and not contented like me and my family. This is the worst dining experience for mother’s day. I am sorry, Mom

    • Thanks for your feedback CCL. Like other restaurants, it’s either a hit or miss for different people but I’m sorry to hear that Huck’s wasn’t a great choice for you and your family.

  2. Strange, notice CCL ‘copy n paste’ all the food blogs, read the same Kampungboycitygal as well…what is she up too? Obviously she not to ‘exclusive private kitchen’ level, why torturing herself and her family?

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