Sekinchan Ikan Bakar, The Strand

Mr. T is a big fan of grilled fish and he never misses any chance to try out grilled fish whenever he sees it. We stumbled upon Sekinchan Ikan Bakar at The Strand after getting lost finding Little Yum Yum (if you’ve been there, please share the directions!)

It’s self-service so we had to pick our own seafood. Besides than ulam, they do not serve any other vegetables.

For some reason, the waiters thought we were together with other guests seated on a different table. They kept serving our dishes and drinks to them when we continuously reminded them that we sat behind behind their table, please change the order to our table number. Sadly, no one was bothered enough to update their logs in the system and served all of our food to them.

To add more dissatisfaction, our food arrived after 30 minutes (20 minutes difference between the serving of the calamari and fish). We thought that the dishes would turn out to be really good but we were wrong. Their sauce for the grilled fish and calamari was sweet.

Mr. T was extremely unhappy. I’m not going to comment further on their food because I don’t think it’s worth the space to rant here.

To conclude, Sekinchan Ikan Bakar has poor service, overpriced dishes (refer to receipt below) and too much sugar in all of their dishes.

They earned the “Rejects” category in thistletea.


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