Shimino, One Utama

While Mr. T & I were waiting to watch Fast5, we spotted a brightly lit store opposite GSC’s Glitters Cafe. I’m always the curious one so I went to see whether it was anything dessert-related ;D

I let Mr. T chose the flavour he wanted and he went for blueberry & butter cake crepe (RM 8.90). With an additional vanilla ice cream (add RM 1), of course!

Rainbow sprinkles with blueberry topping on top of vanilla ice cream wrapped in a soft crepe. Mmmmm!

The butter cake was located below the ice cream. Sorry for the nasty-looking crepe ;)

It’s quite huge, and it’s also terribly difficult to eat this. The blueberry sauce and ice cream were dripping all over the place.

Other than dessert crepes, Shimino also offers savoury ones. It’s a snack worth trying while you’re waiting to get into the cinema.

Shimino Japanese Crepes,
4th Floor, One Utama.
Tel: +603 77264233


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