Chatime, The Gardens

I do not understand the craze.

So I went to join in line to try Chatime’s “premium milk tea”. Took me 10 minutes to wait in line.

And another 10 minutes to wait for my drink. It must be really good, right?

I don’t know – I’m not really a fan of milk teas and this tasted rather ordinary to me. Apparently there are differences between Chatime’s tapioca pearls and those in pasar malam (night market) but I’m clearly ignorant about them.

There are a variety of drinks, in fact, the most I have seen for bubble tea, but after tasting their red bean milk tea (it tasted super funky), I won’t be adventurous enough to try something fancy off the menu.

The branch at Mid Valley always has a queue, no matter what time of the day it is. I don’t like waiting > 10 minutes for drinks, so I don’t enjoy the hype about Chatime. I do like their “ticketing system” – it’s a nifty way to handle the crowd. I doubt I’ll be returning for another cup – unless there’s no queue ;P

Chatime (near Gelatissimo/CIMB/Subway),
LG Floor, The Gardens.


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