Henry Cook, SStwo Mall

I kept seeing Henry Cook’s dishes on Foodspotting. Their specialty is Mr. T’s favourite dish, laksa, so it’s an opportunity to try a new place to see if we would return.

The place is small, runs on the order chit system and there aren’t many selections from the menu. On that Saturday I went, I wanted to try their kebab but they didn’t serve any on weekends. Hmm.

Nyonya Laksa w/ Egg, RM 7.50

Thick spicy soup with glass noodles that came with a whole boiled egg that wasn’t sliced. I didn’t like the spicy yet flavourless soup, but as usual, Mr. T said it was not bad.

Chicken Roll w/ Potato, RM 16.50

This was another famous Henry Cook dish but it wasn’t as tasty as it looked. The sauce for the chicken was bland and I felt that the chilli (or tomato? I can’t remember) sauce didn’t go well with the dish. Personally, “special” sauce should be the strongest appealing component in a dish and should not be mixed with tomato/chilli sauce – it destroys the attempt of making it “special”.

I don’t agree with this huge statement they have in the restaurant as there are very limited choices. Henry Cook’s still considered new but it definitely needs a menu revamp when more restaurants occupy the mall.

Chrysanthemum tea (very diluted): RM 3.80
Plain water: RM 1 (unsure whether it’s refillable)

Henry Cook,
LG Floor, SStwo Mall.


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