Gong Cha, The Gardens

It seems like the bubble tea phase is spreading fast in KL. After getting introduced to Chatime, the same colleague informed me about a new bubble tea shop called Gong Cha, located on the second floor at The Gardens (Isetan side). Situated in a hidden area, it’s always empty and hence, there isn’t a queue at all.

What I like about Gong Cha is that they specialise mainly in teas and have hot drinks. You’re able to choose the sweetness level – no sugar, 30%, 50%, 70% and full sugar and also the amount of ice. However, I found that any drink beyond 70% sugar level is extremely sweet.

They’re famous for their 3 different ways to enjoy Gong Cha. I usually pick #2.

My first drink from Gong Cha was their winter melon tea and I think it’s one of their best drinks. There was a strong winter melon taste but drinking the salty milk froth last was an acquired taste. To reiterate, I’m oblivious about tapioca pearls as my main interest is the tea but friends have told me their pearls are harder and smaller compared to Chatime.

I’ve tried their milk tea and also green tea. The green tea was refreshing at 50% sugar level but I have to admit that their milk tea wasn’t comparable to Chatime’s. Despite saying that, I’m a (non-milk) tea person and my preference still sticks to Gong Cha.

Gong Cha (Isetan side),
Second floor, The Gardens.


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