Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, The Gardens

Purple Cane Tea restaurant was recommended by a colleague who told me, “If you love tea, you’ll love the food here”. Undoubtedly, she was right.

I’ve never stepped foot into this restaurant because I can’t imagine eating tea-infused food. To my surprise, the restaurant gets filled up quickly during lunch time.

All dishes were tastefully light to the heart. I’m not a soup person but their lotus root soup (RM 5) was delightful. The vegetarian broccoli & mushroom (RM 15) dish tasted the same as any other Chinese restaurants that serve it. The extraordinary part of this restaurant was the green tea rice (RM 1 per bowl) – its fragrant rice didn’t emit much green tea taste but it went well with all the dishes we had.

Bak Kut Teh, RM 22

This was not a clapypot of pork – it contained only chicken meat but the soup was still as yummy as those you have at your usual BKT place. The only difference is that it’s cooked in tea, so there wasn’t much herbal taste. The BKT came with fried you tiao (Chinese crullers) and tau pok (fried bean curd).

Spring Romance, RM 3.50

Rose-flavoured pudding – I loved how it wiggled when I poked it with the spoon but loved it more when it went into my mouth.

There’s a good selection of vegetarian dishes from their menu and they do not serve pork. The waitress who attended my table couldn’t speak neither Cantonese nor English but the rest seemed able to converse both.

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant
Lot LG 206, The Gardens.
Tel: +603 22836090

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