Hummingbirds Coffee Bar, Bangsar

Hummingbirds is located in Belinda Looi’s Boutique along Jalan Telawi 3. Part of the shop has transformed into a cafe that serves sweet indulgences.

It’s packed on a Sunday noon so we’re placed right behind in the shop. The picture above was taken at nearly closing time.

Red Velvet Cake, RM 10.50

The presentation was lovely but I don’t fancy red velvet cakes. My friend finished most of it and she said it was buttery.

Vanilla lemon (in dark brown) & Earl Grey macarons (RM 5 each) & Hershey’s Cupcake (RM 6.50)

The best macaron I’ve tasted so far – which wasn’t any typical well-known flavour – was Earl Grey. It was the most exciting moment for my friend & I because we found our favourite tea in a bite-sized dessert! Meanwhile, the Hershey’s cupcake was very moist & chocolatey — too rich (in flavour) that I didn’t finish it.

Toffee Coffee (decaf), RM 13.50

Raspberry Cloud, RM 15.50

The milkshake that called for glasses of water. Thick, lovely shake and awesomely sweet.

The sweets here are highly priced but the macarons are worth a try.

Hummingbirds closes at 7 PM on Sundays.

Hummingbirds Coffee Bar
21 GF, Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru.
Tel: +603 22015889


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