Ricetaurant, Bangsar Village II

Another one of the BIG Group’s idea: Ricetaurant, a pork-free Chinese restaurant, located next to Canoodling in BV2. You can choose to order from Canoodling’s menu if you prefer.

5 Root Vegetables, RM 18.90; Ginger & Spring Onion Beef, RM 18.90

Hearty dishes that weren’t enough for the three of us. I found the 5 root vegetables a bit raw but my friend said it’s meant to be cooked that way.

Curry Chicken, RM 15.90

Thick aromatic curry that reminded me of F.C.’s chicken curry. My only complaint: there were only 2 drumsticks.

Bowl of white rice: RM 2.50
Drinking water: free

Ricetaurant has a limited menu that does not have anything eye-catching. Prices are on the high side for portions that are enough for two. We weren’t impressed with the quality and quantity of food here, hence, I doubt my friends & I will return to the restaurant.

2F-29, 2F Bangsar Village 2.
Tel: +60322871566


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