Gokuraku Ramen, Mid Valley

A new non-halal ramen restaurant surfaced in Mid Valley – it’s located a floor above the KTM entrance.

I remember there was a queue during the opening week (they had a 50% off promo for all ramen) but the crowd has died down after that.

Ultimate Tonkatsu Ramen Lunch Set, RM 20.90

Despite reading not so great reviews about the ramen & pork broth, I actually enjoyed my bowl of ramen. The pork broth had reasonably good flavour, and I loved the semi-runny eggs. What I didn’t like were the side dishes that came alone with the lunch sets.

Kobuta Meshi

Stir-fried pork belly in soy sauce. That’s how it tasted like. My colleague didn’t think there was anything special about it.

I had the Char Siew Pau. Big mistake.

Doesn’t the meat look familiar? Same meat from the rice bowl, except it’s wrapped up in a hard, cold bread that didn’t have the same texture as paus.

Food and service at Gokuraku Ramen were alright but I don’t think there’ll be a second visit. Additionally, I’m not a fan of ramen – I’m more of an udon person.

Gokuraku Ramen
Lot S25 & S26,
Level 2 Mid Valley City.


3 thoughts on “Gokuraku Ramen, Mid Valley

  1. It is overly salty, overly oily and overly priced. Basically one of the worst I ever had. If anybody has tried ramen in Japan, he/she will know how overrated this place is!

    You have bad taste in food.

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