Les Deux Garcons Patisserie, Bangsar

This is a very delayed post but I can still remember the delightful cakes and macarons. Les Deux Garcons in Bangsar (opposite CzipLee) is more than a month old now and I’ve been recommending it to many friends of mine who prefer desserts that aren’t too sweet that spoil other ingredients in them. I’ve postponed my second visit for weeks now — due to my hectic work schedule — but I’m looking forward to have a delectable treat soon :)

Price list for macarons:
1: RM 5
2: RM 9.50
4: RM 18.50
6: RM 27

They also have a variety of premium macaron starting at RM 9 for one.

Lychee & Earl Grey Macarons, RM 9.50 & La Duchesse, RM 14

L’aveline, RM 12

Le Favori, RM 15

All cakes are best consumed as soon as they are brought out from the fridge. I brought the latter 2 above home and they didn’t taste as marvellous as La Duchesse where I had it at the patisserie.

Les Deux Garcons Patisserie
36, Jalan Telawi
Bansar Baru.


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