Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng, Jalan Burmah

When in Penang, eat non-stop.

That’s what Mr. T & I did while we were spending our Christmas in Penang. We stayed along Bangkok Lane – extremely close to our favourite mee goreng stall but we only managed to have it once during our trip. As soon as we dropped our bags, we hurried to Seng Lee Coffee Shop to have our first meal.

At 4 PM, the coffee shop was filled with customer so we had to wait around 15-20 minutes for our mee goreng.

Mee Goreng, RM 5

Unlike the dry version we have here in KL, Bangkok Lane’s mee goreng is soaked in gravy and has a lot of cuttlefish.

That was a great meal to start our trip. More Penang posts to come! :)

P/S: Happy New Year!

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng,
Seng Lee Coffee Shop
270 Jalan Burmah
Telephone : +6016-4857859


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