Cafe Crumbs, Bangsar

Tucked in a small shoplot at Lorong Ara Kiri Dua (same row as Papa John’s), Cafe Crumbs offer a menu of sandwiches, fancy and local coffee (and other drinks!), and also a variety of dessert.

Service was rather slow and the waiter couldn’t explain types of sandwich bread or the kind of gravy they had.

Iced chocolate, RM 6

I love a cup of hot or iced chocolate which is thick and not too sweet but Crumbs’ iced chocolate didn’t meet any of those criteria – the iced chocolate was too diluted with water.

Tall black, RM 6

The cafe offers fancy beans or our local coffee beans from Aik Cheong but prices aren’t steep for the fancy ones. The coffee mugs are huge – making every Ringgit you paid for the “fancier” beans more worth it.

Christmas Kinda

What’s in the sandwich: roast chicken, cranberry jam, gravy and cheddar. What came along with the sandwich: leafy salad & chips (yum!). I would have liked the sandwich better if there was more cranberry jam, and lesser gravy but overall, it was a delightful bite that filled up the tummy pretty quick.

I didn’t fancy any dessert that was on the display so we proceeded to Daily Grind for another drink/dessert. Perhaps the next round I’ll go for their Jakarta Toast.

Cafe Crumbs,
10 Lorong Ara Kiri Dua.
Lucky Gardens,


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