myBurgerLab, Seapark

Everyone should know this place by now — but if you don’t, fret not: they’ve only opened for 3 weeks so it’s still “new”.

We visited myBurgerLab on a Wednesday evening and had trouble looking for a parking spot. If you don’t mind walking a little, do park at the housing area opposite of Seapark instead of the square because you’ll get stuck in a jam.

We were greeted by smiley faces who briefly explained to us about their burgers and recommended us to go with a set (+ RM 5 for fries & bottomless drink). We ordered:

A+ (Beef), RM 15

This was my choice. Loved the beef and caramelised onions but didn’t agree with the shiitake & enoki mushrooms. A+ comes in chicken too, if you don’t take beef.

See those fries? They’re absolutely superb. I won’t mind having a whole basket of it!

Beautiful Mess, RM 18

Beef burger with portabella mushroom, sunny side up & mozarella cheese. What’s there not to like? Probably the best among all 4 that night.

My friend took their Swisstake burger (RM 14) but she was quite disappointed with the lack of mushrooms. They probably went into mine ;)

By the way, if you’re wondering, those were charcoal buns that tasted just like any ordinary bread.

Sloppy Burger, RM ? (around RM 14-18)

The name implied its messy aftermath and the taste reminded me of coney dog. We found the minced beef salty and it wasn’t a favourite that evening.

Currently the place is always packed and the burgers get sold out pretty quick (by 9 PM, on most days). If you make it by 6 or 7 PM, you’ll probably get to enjoy a better burger experience.

14, Jalan 21/22,


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