Everything With Fries, Holland Village

I have tons of pictures of food but spared no time to update this blog. My apologies — work has been keeping my schedule really busy, day & night.

A month ago, I was in Singapore for work and I was based near Haw Par Villa. There were almost zilch eateries nearby and since the yellow line was accessible for me, I took the MRT over to Holland V. I’ve never been to Holland V and I didn’t want Japanese food (which I had on a daily basis while in SG!) so I decided that I needed fries.

Lemonade, $3.50

As the name implies, all mains come with fries and you get to choose between shoestring or straight cut.

Grilled Pork Chop, $13.90

I picked the pork chop out of the waiter’s recommendation and chose shoestring with original seasoning fries, which I think was sprinkled with spiced pepper. I wasn’t impressed with the pork chop, but was more disappointed with their fries as they turned out to be neither crunchy nor tasty with the seasoning.

With so many restaurants/cafe in SG, I will skip EWF when I visit Singapore. The food wasn’t entirely bad but it was pretty forgettable.

Everything With Fries
40 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village

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